Catchup Time: Going out with a Bang or Whimper

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Right, where were we?

Title pretty much sez it all, but this isn’t only about some of the conclusive shows, I just thought I’d lump a few comments together in one post about some currently airing shows, too.

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Mondays are the New Friday – NOT!

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But still, in terms of my drama schedule, shiz is exciting!

Was there something in the water that made this Monday’s  episodes of all my three shows so cracktastic?

See, I have this Mon-Tues schedule of watching three dramas in a row. The rest of the week I watch things more sparingly and well-spaced out but because of the nature of Mon-Tues being at the boring top end of the week, I can afford this indulgence as a sort of reprieve, and ‘pick-me-up’.

Not that someone like me even needs excuses but y’know..

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Doctor, We Have a Pulse!


I am so eating-up-with-dessert-spoon the deliciously dark combo of Shark and Heartless city that my remaining weekdays without them feel so bereft, so empty. Can’t believe they’ve both only been airing 3 weeks now – it honestly feels they’ve been a part of my life for longer.

I do wish they’d aired a little slightly apart though, of course I could choose to restrain myself instead and view them more strategically but… *snort* like that’s gonna happen. I mean, I wish I could watch them individually giving each of them the undivided attention they deserve, instead I’m watching them as a combo and in my head they’re confusingly meshing together as one whole or something.

But let me break this down anyway; just wanted to share my collective thoughts on both shows and clear my head somewhat, now that I’m up to date on both.

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This is… SO Dark


In terms of writing especially, it really does go there. Definitely not playing coy and flirty here. Just WOW!

Pardon me, I’m still playing catch-up. Just finished episode 3. And the ending cliffhanger was just superb!

I thought its alluding to Infernal Affairs-esque fare would be on a purely superficial level, but no, from what I know from episode 3, this IS another Infernal Affairs right down to its core. It only differs from it on a small, superficial level – among those differences are characters like Kyung-mi. I think she’s an awesome, pivotal character in this tale and Go Na-eun is doing a good job playing her so far, and Lee Jae-yoon is SO much better than I could ever have anticipated. And Jung Kyung-ho is just… I can only marvel at you baby boy!


A First Impressionsy and Reviewsy Post

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Still around guise, didn’t drop off the face of the earth or anything, I swear.

Just gonna compile a bunch of thoughts on various completed or just started watching shows. These are generally a glowingly positive collection of thoughts — I kind of don’t have the superlatives for some of what I watched, it was just that damn good. Read on.

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Back to the Here and Now


It’s over, finally. Will spare you the boring deets about what exactly came to a close, but good riddance – life can resume as normal now. Wooo.

Break it down for me, bro! Hahahaha! xD

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The Return of Oppa

I swear I had this in my drafts with that title before Dramabeans posted their ‘Oppa’ post-military modelling shoot post!

It’s the return or almost-return of many Oppas, actually, as well as y’know, Kim Nam-gil who has very recently been released, but more on him shortly. Here’s a quick look on who else will be released soon.

Jo Han-sun (Early September)

Admittedly, I’ve not watched him in anything for years. I’m not such a fan of his projects, as much as I just have an inexplicable fondness for his offbeat, but slightly greasy charm. I think he has a lot of potential as an actor — if he was to try — but he doesn’t. Wouldn’t mind watching him in a drama, the last one he came anywhere near was 2010’s The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry, and even then it was a teenie-tiny cameo appearance. I think it’s futile looking forward to any of his projects whether film or drama, because he will only opt for his usual safe, middling fare, but at least he’s back! Yay!

Kim Ji-hoon (October) — some say he’s already released? But till I read a more solid resource…

Ah! Gorgeous Kim Ji-hoon, he was so awesomesauce in the brilliant Joseon X-Files and ditto with the flufftastic Wish Upon A Star. The latter had its painfully bad moments, but I really developed an eternal soft spot for the lead pairing of him and Choi Jung-won, so I was beyond mortified when I heard the two were to be cast together again in a weekend drama as — wait for it — TWINS! That was one horrific twincesty nightmare that thankfully never surfaced as both actors simultaneously backed out of the project. Reasons are thus undisclosed but thankfully, crisis averted!

Jung Kyung-ho (November)

Aww. Another lovable oppa. Whether he’s mine or janna’s, that’s a debate for another day, and November seems so far off. His last project was Smile, You opposite Lee Min-jung before her career commenced its nosedive, followed by the Drama Special in 2010 opposite Jung Yumi, The Great Gye Choon-bin,  she was just as adorable with him as Lee Min-jung was. No idea what kind of projects he’ll be choosing once he’s back though.

Notable mention goes to Kang Dong-won, who’ll also hopefully be released in the same month, followed by Hyun Bin.
Both are actors I’m quite ok with, not favourites but not bad either. Besides, Kang Dong-won is thundie’s — I wouldn’t dare perve on any crush claimed by an unnie.

Also, Jo In-sung has been out of the military for over a year but has yet to pick a comeback project and is now being courted alongside Song Hye-kyo to star in the upcoming Noh Hee-kyung melodrama The Winter, The Wind Blows — an adaptation of 2002 dorama series Ai Nante Irane Yo, Natsu with Abe Hiroshi and Ryok Hirosue. The latter was also made into a flick in 2006, Love Me Not starring Moon Geun-young and Kim Joo-hyuk. Never watched the drama in question but I did watch the film and I didn’t think it was anything spectacular, but I don’t exactly hate the premise either, Can’t be any worse than Noh Hee-kyung’s previous project Padam Padam can it? Kim Bum’s angel role was a turn-off, and I wasn’t fond of any of the characterisations. But then again, the suffocating cinematography by Kim Kyu-tae was the worst thing about it, just presented the whole thing like an extended Kia advert. And sadly Kim Kyu-tae is also on board this project and that horrible fact is what gives me pause about this project more than the regurgitation of an already tired story. But hey, maybe Noh Hee-kyung could present some interesting conflicts within it and freshen things up somewhat? Otherwise I’m loving the casting options. Jo In-sung I kind of both loathe and love, but right now, because he’s been absent so long, i’m hovering on both love and WHIB loyalties.

And Song Hye-kyo? Post Lee Jung-hyang’s Today (2011)? Is fcuking fantastic!

I swear she just rolled out of bed one morning and was no longer the deadpan Song Hye-kyo of the days of yore. This new Song Hye-kyo is brilliant and I can’t wait to see her in a new project, hopefully it will be either this or In Jung-ok’s Bicha. (The latter may never happen — but I will hold onto that hope.)

But I digress, this is an Oppa-centric post.

Kim Nam-gil is seemingly shunning the offers he’s been handed recently and so I wait with baited breath. And reminisce about his pre-army project Bad Guy and who, when, why went wrong.

I know it’s old news, but I remember how often I used to watch the trailer for it, now I no longer allow myself to get too pumped about a show in the same way (hence my lack of Nice Guy anticipation posts).

There’s just something about Kim Nam-gil, his lack of Korean machismo and arrogance that seems to be inherent in almost every Korean male ever. For the record, I hate sweeping generalisations but I can’t shake off this realisation — promise, I speak from experience. He still oozes manliness, just without that one trait, and I think it truly sets him apart as a distinctly versatile actor who can fully invest into characters as a bona fide performer  with a relatively clean canvas and none of that baggage of an ego. That and that daringly playful conscienciousness when he’s in character. Not every actor can pull it off  with that kind of lighthearted, reckless approach — it takes a LOT of confidence to pull that off. It’s all post-Queen Seondeok, though. I don’t think he had that kind of confidence prior to his career-reinventing turn as Bidam.

I remember the buzz when the drama newly started airing and he was being likened to Leslie Cheung’s Days of Being Wild character, the poetic bastard that that character was. No one could ever pull that off as good as he, but if any Korean actor could atleast attempt such a character it would have been Kim Nam-gil, because as I mentioned, the lack of inherent machismo. Except, his Shim Gun-wook was but a poor man’s KimuTaku from a Million Stars Falling From The Sky. A very, very under budget version.

I could never ever fault the actor, it was screenwriter Kim Jae-eun who was the sole issue this show had (and the network! But that’s a whole ‘nother thesis!). PD Lee Hyung-min was fantastic, the cast pulled their weight, and then…. the soundtrack. And the pretty, pretty… prettiness of the show as a whole. Alas! How could I ever hate a show of such legendary beauty? And yes, Jung Yeob’s Thornflower is timeless, as is Where by Mee but omo! This piece by 4 Men has its own MV and it’s LOVE!

All that, just ’cause I was gagging to say one word: Opppaaa!! ^^