Glory of Youth


Nope, this post isn’t about the 2009 KBS home drama with the same title as this post and where the still above is from, but I’ve just read a recent post entitled ‘The Draft’*on The Vault blog and it’s brilliant! Insanely so!

I could wax lyrical about the brilliant talenthouses that come packed in tiny forms that are child/young k-actors, but I wanted to write this post to draw attention to two little known male child actors that may just harbour the potential to rival the thus far indesputable Yeo Jin-gu! Yes, truly.

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Unexpectedly Kind of Lovely

장옥정, 사랑에 살다.E01.130408.HDTV.XViD-HANrel.avi_snapshot_00.41.15_[2013.04.09_03.50.55]

I expected to wanna rip this show’s pilot episode to shreds. Everything sounded so wrong about it. But maybe I’m just a big sappy softie these days, everything’s feeling magical and heartwarming these days. Tralalala…

This magic spell probably won’t last long but yes, ladies and gents, a quick express-stylee on the other new sageuk in town Jang Ok-Jung.

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New Sageuk Love

Hot on the heels of another, dammit, Joseon! Why were you so interesting an era?

I’m positively head over heels in love with the current weekend sageuk Queen Insu. But it isn’t Queen Insu herself who’s won me over — that will only be possible when Chae Shi-ra takes the reigns — but two other historical figures, Queen Yoon and Han Myung-hoe.

Queen Yoon is currently in the guise of a young palace maid Song-yi who hails from a very poor family but is a determined and fiesty little miss, who develops a little crush on the young Crown Prince, Danjong (Chae Sang-woo aka. Tree’s little Ddol-bokie). Yes, I know… But let’s not get into the implications and the practicalities just yet, see at this very early stage of their relationship it’s absolutely adorablesauce. Even if it is a one-sided relationship where one side of it isn’t even aware of the other side’s existence.

At this point I don’t even know who has been cast to play the older counterpart but I hope she’s going to be at least half as good as Jin Ji-hee. Like seriously, when and where did she learn to act like that? The first and last time I saw her act was 2009’s Ja Myung-go, where she was the female answer to Kang Soo-han — so hilariously BAD! (Bahahaha!)

I’m going to be honest about the Han Myung-hoe storyline, he’s a character who’s only just been introduced in episode 6. As history will have it, he was bound to show up at some point or other given how he was such an important figure in helping the ambitious Prince Sooyang make his transition to King Sejo and then during the latter’s reign. But why is he of such interest to me? Well… because Han Myung-hoe is being played by…


Son Byeong-ho! Ohh… Effin… YES! Genius casting decision, that.

Casting is actually perfect all around, I’m happy with everyone but, it still doesn’t take away the sting of Ham Eun-jung being in this. I’m sorry, it’s not my bias speaking, I have been trying SO hard. Even by counting how many seconds she can hold a gaze before she spaces out again and the average is still less than a second. And then her sageuk posture and speech are another matter entirely, AND I say this as a n00b to the genre.

I’m gridlocked really, I wish I could wish the episodes away till the characters switch hands but then I’m so fond of Jin Ji-hee right now… I’m so torn. And then there’s Song-yi’s brother Yoon Goo, who is currently being played by P H E N O M E N A L child actor Baek Sung-hwan (watch Crucible and you’ll know exactly what I mean, in fact, don’t watch it, it’s vicious!). Although his role is sadly very miniscule in this (thus far?).