Huang Zitao to star alongside Jackie Chan in Railroad Tigers


This is great news! I mean, maybe more for someone like me who’s an avid fan of Zitao haha! AND Jackie Chan’s brand of action movies. A particular brand I have heaps of nostalgia and goodwill for, and would be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t share the same sentiments really.

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I Miss Dramas So Much


Not gonna lie, my hope in Korean (even Japanese) dramas was waxing and waning for a while. Since Punch I haven’t been able to get into another drama.

Was excited about the upcoming Lee Kyung-hee project until I saw the cast. I mean, I could live with one of the leads being limp and lightweight but both of them? C’mon bro!? And I felt so disillusioned by it, so defeated. Like yeah I guess that’s the current generation of actors and they all suck.

And then I was struck with the bright idea of starting a Giant rewatch the other day. My heart still hurts, my eyes are still stinging from the agonising tears I shed while watching the struggles of the Lee siblings, in particular Lee Gang-mo.  I had to hit stop at episode 4 of Giant, I was too chickenshit to continue through the heavy gloom.

Seeing Yeo Jin-gu as the latter character however, even the rest of the solid cast was exactly the kind of qualitative content I had been thirsting after, it revived my enthusiasm all over again. All hope is not lost, right? Yeo Jin-gu is here to save us all!


Still like Kim Soo-hyun too, although he only knows a singular mode of acting.

Are there any good shows I’m missing out on currently? Or shall I plod onto episode 5 quietly?

Huang Zitao in My Sunshine [Collective Spam]

No review or anything as I have yet to have the privilege of watching it, but due to the nature of what’s been happening with Zitao lately, I had kind of held it off.

But here’s some things about William, the male lead He Yichen’s (Huang Xiaoming) secretary at the law firm. I remember all the speculation around what character he was playing when it was first announced and I’m glad it wasn’t as the comparisons between him and the drama counterpart would never have stopped.

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Bye Tao! Hello, Huang Zitao!

CELJPtJWAAEDMwn.jpg large

I’m going to sound cheesy as all get out and go ahead and scroll past, deny the existence of my blog etc. but I’m in a celebratory mood. Because…


I should be feeling evil and selfish for saying this. But honestly, as much as everyone may see him as just another  opportunist, I don’t care, it’s a very very small price to pay for what he has had to put up for the sake of a pop group, a mere ‘concept’, a teengirl fantasy!

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Kim Nam-gil Ahjeossi is Back!

fullsizephoto585277 And so am I, kinda. I’m still skulking around and I have things I want to blog about. But it’s harder to blog about dramas when there’s no actual file to screencap anymore. Streaming things in super cheap low quality takes away the sharing buzz you get from the HD stuffs of the days of yore.

Anyways Bidam-aaahhhhhhh…

Check out the teaser and stills from his recent movie The Shameless alongside The leading lady of Chungmuro, Jeon Do-yeon. Continue reading

Express Thoughts on Punch (and More)


Yes! Kim Rae-fucking-won everybody!

The face that had me tumbling down the rabbit hole that is k-dramaland 11 years ago just pulled me back into k-dramaland just when I thought I was quite ready to crawl back out of it. (Seriously, there’s just no getting out of it, resistance is futile.)

But it’s not only about our leading man, his current project Punch is a spectacle. An absolute marvel and everyone should be watching this and clamoring over just how damn good it is!

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