Thoughts on Miss Granny [2014]



This flick! THIS!

By now you’ve probably caught on to the buzz that transpired from this movie earlier in the year and yes, those accolades were well-deserved and if this film continues to be among the biggest hits of the year I wouldn’t exactly be surprised. Where do I even begin with the hysteria driven raving for this gem of a movie and its leading actress that is the glorious bundle of perfection; Shim Eung-kyung?

I am just so damn bowled over by her right now. She was this good since forever, I know but I still wasn’t prepared for her stellar performance in Miss Granny, I really was not! And it’s unfair how much havoc she wreaked over my frail emotions, I am really not ok right now. Continue reading

Revised First Impressions on It’s Okay, It’s Love


Can I kind of cancel out what I said about the pilot episode? As everything else between episodes #2 and #5 has been so winning. This show is legit, and I am so addicted.

No joke. Noh Hee-kyung has her shit together. The PD is still lame with all his close-range toothfloss shots but his overall execution seems competent enough.

And… WOW! Just that whiplash from the speed of my 360 degree change of opinion.

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Don’t Read This: This Baby is Illegal Edition


Somebody save this idiot from himself. I swear he’s on some sort of self-destructive kick these days.

I have, for so many days been holding back from posting (read spazzing) about Tao — and sometimes I’m suspicious too much gushing will give him the evil eye haha, but for this previous month (let alone these past three months!) each day has been so damn eventful in Tao-verse — he’s been making headline-worthy news pretty much every freaking day.

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First Impressions on It’s OK, It’s Love


I swear I’m supposed to be boycotting this lousy PD! But aside from his usual  aesthetic comprising of 1970s toothpaste commercial style soft-focus lens, extra-extra zoom-ins on the castmembers’ zits and shrivelled pores and the generally cringey, misguided values — the show miraculously enough  still has it’s fair share of charm to keep me hooked, so likely enough I’ll be sticking with this.

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Express Thoughts on Mozu ~ Season One


You know, I don’t think I can throw this thing under a bus. Why? Because it was freaking AHMAZING!

Fair enough, amazing doesn’t equate to it being flaw-free. And by flaws I mean areas like writing. While it wasn’t bad writing per se, it felt a little clunky and old-school in its sometimes Captain Obvious deliberations, some things like the shrike motif were spelt out very literally.

But I’ll accept it gratefully even so.

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Free Palestine



Sorry, not sorry. This has gone on for too long now.

We’re not dead yet, as long as there is life and vigour still coursing within us, let us be of some service, if not our time, physical efforts or money, at least our voice.