First Impressions on It’s OK, It’s Love


I swear I’m supposed to be boycotting this lousy PD! But aside from his usual  aesthetic comprising of 1970s toothpaste commercial style soft-focus lens, extra-extra zoom-ins on the castmembers’ zits and shrivelled pores and the generally cringey, misguided values — the show miraculously enough  still has it’s fair share of charm to keep me hooked, so likely enough I’ll be sticking with this.

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Express Thoughts on Mozu ~ Season One


You know, I don’t think I can throw this thing under a bus. Why? Because it was freaking AHMAZING!

Fair enough, amazing doesn’t equate to it being flaw-free. And by flaws I mean areas like writing. While it wasn’t bad writing per se, it felt a little clunky and old-school in its sometimes Captain Obvious deliberations, some things like the shrike motif were spelt out very literally.

But I’ll accept it gratefully even so.

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Free Palestine



Sorry, not sorry. This has gone on for too long now.

We’re not dead yet, as long as there is life and vigour still coursing within us, let us be of some service, if not our time, physical efforts or money, at least our voice.

Express First Impressions on Joseon Gunman


Sigh. Yet another cop drama to add to the current cop/detective drama trend. But… This. Is. Hella. Lovely!

Sure, it starts off like every other sageuk, but then it becomes a thing of beauty for its sheer competency, fluid storytelling, STELLAR ensemble cast,  the breathtaking cinematograhy and then there’s Lee Jun-ki’s gorgeous face. All add to the drama’s merits — tremendously.

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Don’t Read This: The ‘I NEED THIS’ Edition


Sorry, spazzy Su mode again. I really, really want this to happen!

You know, the Tao as Zhang Kylin role in the film adaptation of Daomu! At first I was like… eehhhh… what if it’s some b-grade embarrassment but then after a few email exchanges umming and ahhing about it, a friend and I finally thought we’d research this Daomu, and holy crap! It sounds divine!

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Don’t Read This: My Apologies, but….


Yeah, I’m really sorry (but not really, ‘cos) BLACK HAIRED TAO IS BAAAACKKK!! *shrieks* Not sure for how long but still, it’s a cause for celebration!

But more on that in a bit, I really am sorry dear readers! You don’t deserve this spazzy-ass stuff I’ve been posting lately. The purpose for this blog was never for this, you really don’t deserve this torture. Of course I’m still watching and loving my dramas! Of freaking course I am! I’m up to date on River’s Edge Detective Agency, watched a really sweet Drama Special last night and kicked myself for having fallen sooo far behind, I’m almost at the finish line for I Live in Cheongdamdong and it makes me sad as I’ve become so attached to it’s painful. I’m not sure whether I’m going to continue with You’re All Surrounded, it’s not bad per se… but… (can I detail this in another post?) And I guess Mozu isn’t the perfect drama I expected but it’s still kicking everyone else’s ass, still best produced thing on TV this summer.

But but but… I swear EVERY time I want to blog here about the aforementioned dramas — which is rare enough as I’ve been doing some overtime at work plus other time-consuming things — but every time I want to, I can’t… I’m distracted by this little shit, Huang Zitao. WELP!

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