Don’t Read This: The Show Must Go On

2014-10-26 02.36.35

This is a bit of a triple bill really, I’ve been meaning to post for a while but every day brings with it an exciting new development in Tao-verse and it’s just built up so here, have a massive compilation post to make up for my absence here lately (why yes, I’m still keeping on top of dramas and have lots to say in that front too, so don’t worry.)

But firstly as the title suggests, yes, the show indeed is going on ahead as routine for this young man. Just because yet another fellow countryman has defected his pop group it doesn’t mean his world has come to a standstill.

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It’s Not Okay, It’s Heartache!


Was anyone else as ill-prepared as me going into tonight’s episode 14? Aka. The hour of utter devastation and heartbreak! And brilliant narrative development from screenwriter Noh and an intense cultivating ground for some of the greatest acting  that k-ent has seen for a while. No dramatic excesses, just natural, real and powerful performances. And Jo In-sung’s best acting in his entire career!

Caution: Spoilers ahead!

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Trying to Crack the Kang-woo Riddle


Right, let’s try and do this.

I’d actually been meaning to write brief posts about this show on a regular basis, if not weekly, atleast fortnightly or something. But now seven weeks since its premiere have flown by and the show ends next week (so fast!) and I only ever got to post those initial first impressionsy posts. Kind of disappointed with myself and total lackadaisical or chaotic as you will handling of my time. But anyway… let’s get to it. BEWARE SPOILERS BEYOND CUT.

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Don’t Read This: The Rendered Speechless Edition


In which I advocate pretty idol boys selling us things and procuring our souls instead. But…

HOLY FUALSDKJLSKJFDWOKSEFJKSD!!! I’m seriously speechless!

EXO seem to have a thing for Germany right now or vice versa. And I’m not complaining because damn do these collabos work! After the masterfully beautiful James Dean-esque Die Jungs in Berlin comes their MCM endorsement, which is a German luxury leather and luggage brand. And they are (pardon the French but) fucking working it!

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