‘Scuse Me as I Weep Rivers


”You are like solid jade.

You are the handsomest man I’ve ever seen!”

– Zhen Huan to Prince Guo


I’m on episode 56, so I’m several episodes ahead of this point of the story. And it’s killing me!

I swear this drama is out to finish me! It’s so damn heartachingly brilliant and nervewrackingly, spinetingingly compelling, still.*weeps*

I never thought I’d recover after a certain other character’s death (episode 42 — you know who), I was so shocked it happened so early! It was such a huge risk for the show to have taken the narative chances it did — but they have worked so well. So far.

Image Credit: My Drama Tea (Thanks hun!)

Shows to be sort-of Excited About


There are some upcoming dramas I’m fbucking DYING to see and I’ve kept it no secret on this blog. But I thought – hey why not put together another post about some shows that are sort of interesting for some small reason or other.  *Shrugs*

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Don’t Read This: The ‘Ahh~ Baby’s Growing Up!’ Edition


Before this photoshoot for The Celebrity magazine becomes really, really old news (it’s already over a month old roundabouts), I had to get it out there.

I had intended to squeeze this post into a comprehensive spazz post but with time being of the essence, even this post is a miracle and totally on the fly.

But yes, my Tao! I’m increasingly proud of him these days. (I’ve honestly not been this obsessed with a Chinese guy since Leslie Cheung!)

To think only two years ago(?) he was still bumming around Hong Kong as a completely unknown rapper-wannabe (mind you, winning 1st place for his freestyle rap) before he was plucked up by SM and catapulted to idol popstar notoriety.

But yes, how many of these total amateurs can pose  like this next to a celebrity with as much heft as Tang Wei and not get completely eaten out by her charisma, instead balance it out with enough magnetism and simmering star presence of your own? (see pics below)

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Impressions on Legend of Zhen Huan


Guys, this is seriously one of THE greatest drama I have ever clapped eyes on. It is raw, golden dripping nuggets of sheer brilliance.

In just three sittings I’ve reached episode 31. It’s that damn addictive, no, compelling would be the right word. See addictive could be anything whether of dubious quality or otherwise, but it takes something intelligent and of skill to be genuinely, dizzyingly compelling, and this is.

I am literally blubbering and shuddering and my fingers are shaking as I’m typing this.

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Ship! Ship! Ship!

KBS 드라마 스페셜 140126 카레의 맛 HDTV Film x264 720p-Ernie.mp4_snapshot_00.25.22_[2014.02.11_22.42.20]

Drama Special is a format I cherish, and it happens to have brought together two of my favourite actors recently — eeek! This has kind of spawned a currently airing dramas’ couple appreciation post. Alas, I am female and I am hormonal, sue me.

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